Babies & Children

  • Dribble bibs in ALL the colours!!

Before my wife and I got married we had already decided we wanted children…. Unfortunately we lacked the ‘bits’ to make this happen easily and after our initial IVF journey in the end we decided adoption was the way forward.

Fast Forward a few years and we now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter and our lives have changed completely!

But yet again I was faced with wanting awesome things for her and not finding them easily in the UK.

Thankfully I put my crafty little hat on and got to work!

I now make cute dribble bibs in awesome fabrics and custom inserts for pushchairs! I love matching the colours and fabrics to our mood and outfit of the day! I have been stopped a number of times to ask where I got the inserts from and love saying I made them! So thought I would add them to my portfolio!!

Now, all this parenthood is still super new to us, at the time of writing this we haven’t had her for long, but the initial shock has worn off and we are settling in to live as a family of 3… my lead times on some garments are taking a little longer but I love seeing photos of the super cute babies in the dribble bibs!